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We're planning a mobile multimedia exhibit for the East Coast of the United States in Spring 2018. For more details, please get in touch at

New Exhibition Dates!

Additional date: I will be exhibiting and speaking at the Village Learning Place in Baltimore on February 13 starting at 7 pm.


Traveling exhibition successfully completed

Thank you to everyone who visited the exhibition truck in the first two weeks of May 2018. I'm grateful for the many thoughtful conversations about divided families and how people connected with the issue on a personal level because of their own similar experiences. Are you interested in bringing this exhibition to your organization? I no longer have the truck, but I have prints. Please get in touch at if you'd like to learn more.

3D drawing by  Karolina Ziulkoski

3D drawing by Karolina Ziulkoski


Director and Photographer - Laura Elizabeth Pohl
Art Curator - Beth Ferraro
Operations Manager - Patrick Whang

Translator and Korean Assistant - Yoola Kim
Text Editor - Kimberly Burge
Translator and Fixer - Bright Lee

Color and Print Specialist - Shelby Leeman
Photography Printing - Metal&Paper PRO
3D Designer - Karolina Ziulkoski
Voiceover Artist - Janet Spirek
Voiceover Artist - Jim Johnston
Voiceover Artist - Farhad Haqverdi

Vehicle Rental and Design - Patriot Truck Leasing
Audio Experience - Guide By Cell





Special Thanks
Jung Jae-Eun at the South Korean Red Cross
Chahee Stanfield at Divided Families USA
Kimberly Maria Buxton at Divided Families USA
Catherine Pohl
Choe Sang-Hun
John Lee
Crystaline Randazzo
Molly Marsh
Angie Chuang
Amanda Lucidon
Amy Eisman
Amy Harp
The Pohl, Whang and Spirek families